Indulge in the safest luxury activity- Charter a yacht and escape to the remote beauty of the Greek islands

Opt for the most lavish activity you can do

safely in the post-Covid 19 era


After an arduous and restrictive period during the Covid-19 pandemic, you are undoubtedly eager to make up for lost time with luxurious activities that you were unable to in the past year. Even as the world regains a sense of normalcy, there is still a strong emphasis on engaging in activities that fulfill health, safety, and cleanliness standards that have become the new global norm. Therefore, chartering a private yacht is proving to be one of the leaders in such areas for those seeking an opulent yet secure activity.

Chartering a yacht allows you to have a sumptuous and safe vacation with only those you know. It offers the chance to have a grand, all-inclusive Grecian holiday without having to worry about feeling overcrowded or at risk on land. And with an industry employed by top-notch professionals that adhere to strict cleanliness standards while traveling to gorgeous destinations, it truly is one of the safest luxury activities. Read on to discover all the reasons why chartering a yacht in summer 2021 is the go-to luxe activity in the post-Covid 19 world.

Feel a sense of safety & security
from the privacy of your yacht


Being onboard a luxury yacht provides you with a sense of security that is not nearly as attainable as it is on land. While chartering a private yacht, you are much more in control of who you interact with since it is only your close circle of friends or family. In addition to having your holidays with your selected group, rest easy knowing that you are under the guidance of a professional and highly experienced crew that is adhering to stringent industry standards.


When you’re aboard a yacht sailing the crystalline and sparkling sea waters in Greece, let all worries and safety logistics fall to the
wayside. Superlative safety & security measures are second to none while chartering a private luxury yacht, thanks to:


  • Abilities to social distance from others outside your immediate circle
  • A well-equipped yacht with all your needs and provisions for a luxury holiday
  • A professional and experienced crew that is well-trained & knowledgeable


Trust the strict cleanliness
& disinfectant protocols


Health and cleanliness are of utmost importance, and they are being especially emphasized post-Covid 19. One of the overarching advantages of chartering a yacht is that they are being constantly cleaned and tended to by the professional team of stewardesses. Additionally, the yachting industry has always had incredibly strict cleanliness standards in the galley, staterooms, and common areas, so it is not a stretch for them to now be applying cleanliness regulations with even more rigor.


Feel a sense of ease while on a private yacht knowing that your health is never compromised, and is always being taken into consideration. Rest assured cleanliness and disinfection are at the forefront of your crew’s mind, thanks to:


  • The use of high-quality cleaning products throughout the yacht
  • An abundant supply of hand sanitizer in private & common areas
  • Linen and towel changes on a daily basis, or as often as requested


Explore gorgeous islands
where the crowds are few


The sense of unmatched freedom to sail the open seas to remote places in Greece is unquestionably why chartering a yacht is so alluring. One of the most captivating and stunning areas of the country, known to some as “the Greek Caribbean” are the Ionian islands. Far less crowded than the ultra-popular Cycladic islands, you can swim in the bright blue waters of the Ionian Sea on secluded beaches, or dock and step onto the quaint and peaceful towns on these particular islands.


Sailing in the breathtaking Ionian islands is truly one of the most spectacular and luxuriant experiences that one can experience. Set sail to the islands on the western part of Greece and enjoy:


  • A destination that is far less crowded than other parts of Greece
  • Anchoring on secluded beaches & having the area to yourself
  • Crystal clear waters and ultra-clean white sandy beaches


Let K Luxury Experiences help you charter
a private yacht for splendid Grecian holidays


At K Luxury Experiences, we understand that your health and safety concerns come before anything else. As the world emerges from a global pandemic, you expect to engage in luxury services that make you feel a sense of ease while never skimping on a highquality product and experience. As the foremost leader in luxury concierge services in Greece, K Luxury Experiences is by your side to help you find the perfect yacht for your Grecian holidays.


Offering exceptional concierge services, 24/7 support, and a guarantee of utmost professionalism, K Luxury Experiences is the go-to for amazing and opulent services, activities, and excursions. Expect nothing but the very best during your sumptuous Greek holidays when you book a private yacht with K Luxury Experiences.


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